Monday, August 14, 2017

Photo Challenge - Musical

Wooooooof. So, I've missed many weeks here, and I'm not even going to try to get caught up. I missed the following prompts: Swing or Twirl (I took literally no pictures that week) Silhouette (the week I was in Aruba) and Excitement (the week of JC's 30th birthday party).  

"Your niece is getting sick of you not posting on your blog," my sister told me. My niece is 2 months old and apparently very impatient.

Like I said, I'm not even going to try to get caught up, so I'm skipping straight up to this past week, in which the prompt was Musical. Ironically, I went to a musical this past weekend up in Vermont, so this prompt is truly appropriate for the week prior, but not only that, I'm dating an extremely musical human, so this prompt is kind of appropriate for my entire life.

Anyway, with further ado, the pictures for Musical.

We started the weekend with our drive to my parents' house -- singing in the car.

While waiting for the doors to open for the musical The Music Man, we took selfies.

This is the view from the Weston Playhouse; I took this picture while waiting to see the musical.

Unrelated to the musical, but still fitting of the prompt, are two pictures that I did not take.

This is Chessie. As of noon this afternoon (fingers crossed, hope to die), this pup will belong to my parents. She is a rescue from the foundation Save-a-Lab, and an extremely welcome addition to the family. Her homecoming is music to my ears.

This absolute picture of perfection is my chubster niece, in her ladybug dress. It's a long story, but in a nutshell, when my sister was a little kid (5? 6?) she found a (dead) ladybug in her room. Not understanding that it was dead, she put it on a piece of cotton (its bed), and walked around her room singing "Lady lady ladybug. Lady lady ladybug." (That's the song in its entirety). It's been a running joke now for 25 years. When she sent me this picture of my niece, the caption was, of course the lyrics from her original hit, "Lady lady ladybug."

There you have it! Musical. Enjoy your week!

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