Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Photo Challenge - Water

The best month (for me) of 2017 continued this past week when I went road-trip crashing. JC is currently continuing his tour of the United States and on Thursday I flew out to Vegas to join him. Of course, Vegas is in the middle of the desert, so my "water" prompt for the week didn't seem promising, but I told you I would pull water from a stone for this blog, and I intended to do just that. 

We started our trip hiking in the Red Rock Canyon National Reserve. I love the desert, so I thought this was insanely beautiful. Also, hot. It was 110 degrees. Dry heat though is a true story. Had that temperature been paired with New England humidity, it would have probably killed us. Instead, it just felt hot. We hiked up a mountain to La Madre Spring. "Spring." If you look very closely, you can see water trickling off of that rock. (Told you I would pull water from a stone). There was a sign saying that the water was untested and not to drink it, but we rolled around in it anyway. 

After our hike, we got in JC's car and began driving. 

On our way out of Nevada, near Area 51, we saw an Alien Gift Shop. Yes. We pulled into the parking lot because obviously we needed to go into that alien gift shop. Plans changed when we saw that is was attached to this gem. JC made a joke about checking it out. I made a joke about pushing him out of the car and leaving him in the desert for the crows. We drove on.

Out of Nevada and into California! We spent the night in a cabin in Death Valley. It was so ridiculously gorgeous... and dark. There are no streetlights or anything (there's no electricity), so strong high-beams are a must.

 I made JC drive through the desert to a ghost village (it used to be an old mining town in the 1800s) that is now deserted.'s not. Someone has taken it over. There are no lights in the entirety of the desert -- the two "resorts" are so in the middle of nowhere that their only power source is a diesel generator -- and yet, there were lights on in this town. It was terrifying. There's also a defense radar set up, flashing all over the place. Also terrifying. We booked it the hell out of there, being startled to death by a roaming donkey as we tried to flee. The good news -- because it was so dark, I saw the Milky Way for the first time in my life. Anyway, this side-story isn't about water. Moving on.

Our next stop was Lake Tahoe. Now we're talking about water!

Lake Tahoe is gorgeous. It's huge. Some sections of the water are more green, and some are a very clear blue. We went tandem kayaking, which was mostly just me hanging on for dear life as JC paddled. I'm used to kayaking across placid ponds -- this was not that. There were a lot of wakes from speed boats, and I was basically afraid for my life. Still though, the views were incredible. The woman who rented us the kayak told us to be careful, because the water is so cold. We smiled. We had just touched the water and it felt warm enough to our Atlantic Ocean experienced souls. However, the bottom of the lake drops quickly, and once that happens, it's like ice. This makes sense, I suppose because of all the snow on the Sierra Nevadas behind the lake. When we were done kayaking, we waded in the shallow part of the lake, where it was still warm.

Finally, we had to head back to civilization so I could catch my flight home. I was flying out of San Francisco so we spent the night there, and got into town just in time to get to the beach to catch the sun going down over the Pacific. 

Obviously, I live near the Atlantic Ocean so I expected to be widely unimpressed by the Pacific. An ocean is an ocean, or so I thought. But, I was so wrong. They are not the same. The Pacific Ocean had waves unlike anything I've ever seen on the East Coast, and when the water washed over my feet, it wasn't cold enough to hurt. The sand was really dark in color. I was in love immediately. I love the Atlantic, but the Pacific... hot damn.

Then I came home, and got to see two of my favorite faces!

One more trip to go, and then the month of July will be over! 

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