Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Photo Challenge - Patriotic

Hello hello, hi hi, I'm running behind, sorry. This week's photo challenge prompt is PATRIOTIC. Which is perfect -- as it coincides with the Fourth of July -- obviously intentional. So without further ado, I present the patriotic photos I took (or received).

I went to visit a friend in Plymouth (Happy 4th from America's hometown!) this weekend, and we had a perfect beach day. The Fourth of July is lacking, in my book, without some body of water to admire.

Also seen in Plymouth, this giant American flag -- setup for the 4th of July festival. Too, these traffic barrels. Honestly, nothing says "AMERICA" like a flag and constant roadwork. 

Many personal boats had American flags, too.

I didn't take this picture -- my sister sent it to me. This, is apparently the face my niece makes when my sister insists upon patriotism.

I also didn't take this picture -- I stole it from my sister's SIL's Instagram. I love this picture though for a million reasons, my niece is cute, her outfit is cute, my sister is in love, she's the perfect mother, etc. etc., /end gush.

SIDEBAR: I really feel though that these two pics of my niece embody the 4th of July truth. In the first one, she's dressed nicely and neatly in her little dress. In the second one, she's hot, sweaty, her eyes show her distress, and her outfit is disheveled -- dress shoved high with underwear showing. Also, it looks like at some point she needed a shirt change -- possibly unable to hold her milk. If that doesn't capture the essence of 4th of July celebrations, I just don't know what does. Nothing changes when you get older. You just switch from milk to some form of alcohol and pray that someone takes care of you the way a mom takes care of a baby. 

Bananas is celebrating by lying next to a red throw pillow.

Happy Fourth of July! Hope it was wonderful.

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  1. Flags and roadwork - so true! I like the way Bananas is basking in the sun - I guess he enjoyed the 4th!