Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stephen Hawking Says We Need to Get the Hell Outta Here

"I was first in my class at Princeton, I have an IQ of 187...and
it's been suggested that Stephen Hawking stole his Brief History
of Time...
 from my fourth grade paper."
I read an article this morning entitled "Stephen Hawking: Earth is in peril, it's time to get out of Dodge." It's a USA Today article, and I don't generally like USA Today, but I was just clicking around my Google News app, and this caught my eye. In summation, Stephen Hawking says we need to get the hell out of here for many reasons -- because we're destroying the planet (we ARE?!); some of us are genetically engineering viruses that could wipe out humanity; also, we might blow one another to bits with nukes.

He says we need to leave, and now. The world needs to band together (giggle), and get to Mars and set up shop. 

My favorite quote of the article, and the most appropriate, I think, was: "Hawking reiterated that humanity's future is not on the planet it has treated so poorly." Ahem.

Earth is so last year's model. I wanna ruin this one now.
I liked this article -- not because of its contents -- but because it provoked a lot of thought. Also, it stirred up a bunch of feelings I didn't know that I had -- like, I'm tired of worrying about what damage humanity is currently doing -- and I don't think we should be destroying one planet and then setting up shop on another.

If we, humanity as a whole, gave a crap about our planet -- we wouldn't be in this situation, or at least, our world leaders would be taking better strides to change it, rather than removing any mention of climate change from their government pages. We wouldn't need to set up a colony on Mars. Throughout our time here, there have been advances in technology, and at the time, we didn't necessarily know what the ramifications of them would be. We didn't know that we were polluting the earth, and thinning the ozone layer. We didn't know that we were melting the polar ice caps, or warming the earth to a dangerous degree.

But, we know these things now. Some of us care -- many of us don't. We're pulling out of climate deals, laughing in the face of proven science, uttering inane and ignorant bullshit like "well, it snowed today so, climate change isn't real." This, this is not a species that deserves to go to live on Mars.

GOOD QUESTION!! Please continue to stun us all with your impeccable scientific reasoning!
I don't want to generalize. There are many people on this planet who are good, and smart, and mean well, and want to do good -- who have done good, who have advanced humanity for the better. My concern here though is, what would actually change, once we got to Mars? We messed up one planet -- eventually doing so knowingly -- and overall, we feel very little remorse. What's to say we won't ruin Mars too? We, humans, the destroyers of this planet -- who essentially saw to the end of many other species through our carelessness and gross excess get to pack our suitcases and leave our mess behind? Seems wrong.

"Spreading out may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves," Hawking said. But what saves everything else from us? I don't want to live in a world without animals. Without plants.

And THEN. Say we did colonize Mars. We obviously can't all go. So, who gets to? How do we decide? Do the politically connected get to buy their way in? (Probably). Is there a lottery system? (Doubtful, that sounds too fair). Is there a lottery system in which the politically connected get to buy extra tickets? (Seems more likely, and many will be assuaged by the thin veil of faux "fairness"). Is the list racially motivated? Gender based? What about age? Should we leave older people behind? Should we focus on fertile women? If you're sterile -- male or female -- should you be left behind? What if people have disabilities? What if we don't like someone's religion? How do we CHOOSE? There will be wars and mass-death over humanity trying to save itself. Ironic.

Ugh, come on guy. I'm just tryna go to Mars.
Anyway. I'm not going to Mars. I don't have any interest in going to live on Mars, even if it means my life is shortened. I also don't have a solution to this mess that's better than Hawking's (who could, honestly, he's Stephen Hawking) so I'll end my rant here. 

I've linked the article above, if you want to read it. If you're looking for something a bit lighter, though still scientific, I give you this gem: "Stephen Hawking: It's not rocket science why you're fat." He knows all the things.

Have a lovely day! 😉

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