Monday, June 26, 2017

Photo Challenge - Summer

Wednesday was the first day of summer, and, quite aptly, the photo challenge prompt for the week was "Summer." I actually took pictures this week -- though it was pretty easy to do because I went on a weekend away in Maine, and also, signs of summer are everywhere. I have many summer pics, and I'm breaking them up into categories for this post.

Weekday Summer

Nothing says "summer" quite like Adirondack chairs. I saw these when I was cutting through Northeastern's campus on my way to work.

This tree is in front of a school that I walk past every afternoon. Last fall, I took a picture of this tree when the leaves were turning and it was bright red in color. Obviously, it went bare for winter, and now it's robust again in summer fashion.

White wine and deck sitting is quintessential summer behavior in my life.

Bananas thinks so, too.

Weekend Away Summer

JC and I went on a quick jaunt to Coastal Maine this weekend. This was the view from our brunch restaurant.

After brunch, we walked through downtown and sat on some benches overlooking the water.

Some wine was consumed. 

And eventually, we ended back up at our motel to sit on the deck. Unfortunately, this didn't last too long, as the mosquitos came out, and I started getting whiny.

And, that's what I've got for the prompt "summer" though I imagine that through the next couple of months, many of my photos will take on a summer flare.

Enjoy the start of the season!

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  1. Adirondack chairs, wine on the deck and boats in the harbor - yep, that's summer!