Monday, June 19, 2017

Photo Challenge - Fathers

I dropped the ball, hard. The photo challenge prompt last week was "Father," which makes sense, as Father's Day was Sunday. I didn't take any pictures of anything all week though -- except my niece in crazy Snapchat filters. 

Still, I don't think that this week should be ignored, so I'm still going to post pictures of fathers. I didn't take these pictures, so I'm cheating, but meh. 

Let's start here. This is me with my dad. I must have been about two. This was after my little sister's christening. I think I look very pleased with myself in this picture -- and for good reason. I spent the entire christening running around the alter singing classics, such as "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." I should have been focused on my sister's soul, but I had a show to put on, a stage to stand on, and a built-in audience sitting in the pews. My dad, on the other hand, looks like he wants to be mad, but can't find it in his heart to be so.

Recently, my sister and brother-in-law asked me to be my niece's godmother, and I'm flattered. I also intend to reprise my role as alter singer. 

Fast forward a few years, and we've got the whole family sitting in Gino's East in Chicago. My parents look fantastic. I look pleased with myself -- again. L has a look on her face: "Sigh. Her again."

Many, many years later, and we have my sister's wedding. There are two fathers in this picture -- though one doesn't yet know how soon it will be his turn -- and the other, giving a speech for the ages. No one is 100% sure what my dad was saying at this moment, but judging by the look on my sister's face, we know it was good.

Four fathers, four brothers, four uncles. (My dad and his brothers).

And finally, the newest father in the family, my brother-in-law, with the baby burrito that is my favorite niece.

So there you have it - fathers. The prompt next week is "summer," which is pretty open for interpretation, and hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures. These pictures though, are better than any I would have taken anyway, so I'm happy to share them.

But OH WAIT. We have one more.
Hey look, guys! It's Bananas. Who would have thought he'd make it into a photo challenge? Here he is, with his stuffed mouse -- which he snuggles with like it's his own.


Enjoy the week!