Sunday, June 4, 2017

Photo Challenge - "Blue"

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the second week of my photo challenge. The prompt this week was "Blue." Now, a more creative soul would probably have taken pictures of people who look sad, or a JetBlue plane, or a store or hotel with the word "blue" in the name. I literally just walked around and took pictures of blue objects. Womp womp. 

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Vermont, and on the drive home, I saw this blue house in Brattleboro. As we drove past it I sighed heavily and said, "That house would have been perfect for my 'blue' prompt this week." 

JC asked, "Do you want me to drive back so you can take a picture of it?" I heaved another sigh. He stared at me. I said, "Yeahhhhh I do." BEHOLD, THE BLUE HOUSE.

And then right down the street, another blue house, that we also pulled over to photograph.

Sidebar: this prompt is doing what I'd hoped it would -- it's forcing me to notice things. How many times have I driven past these two houses? One million? Certainly, I've seen them before, but I've never truly noticed them. And frankly, I think they're gorgeous -- and now I'm glad I have these pictures.

Anyway, moving along.

Continuing through Vermont, we stopped at the Grafton Village Cheese Shop for a "tasting." Across the parking lot, was this blue trailer, which I also took a quick picture of.

Then, we continued home and made it to Massachusetts without me needing more pictures (though we did need to stop again for gas... and then again so I could get Advil for a headache).

Once home, I took a picture of myself in the new, blue, Vermont shirt I bought at D&K's grocery store (actually, D&K's was the first place we stopped on the drive home. Now that I'm typing this, I'm realizing just how many times we needed to stop. Sorry JC). On my feet: my newest pair of Moose Socks -- also purchased at D&K's. They're green though, not blue.

Later that week, I noticed, at any given moment, just how many people are wearing blue. These three commuters were all wearing varying shades of blue on the Orange line, and were sitting next to one another.

Also, I think these commuters were probably "blue" in mood, too. Maybe I'm more creative than I thought.

And, that's basically it! Week two of my photo challenge complete.

But WAIT. If you were breathing a sigh of relief, because you didn't have to look at yet another picture of my cat Bananas, don't get too excited! How did I fit a brown and white cat into a "blue" prompt, you ask? Well, let me show you.

See that New England Patriots' blanket? It's blue. YOU'RE WELCOME! :-D

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


  1. The thing I like most about a photo challenge is needing to actually pay attention to my surroundings. Great blue finds - and I like the new shirt!

    1. I'm definitely finding that it doesn't require me to keep my eyes open a bit more! It's helpful when I want to practice "mindfulness," which we all know I'm so good at. :-D