Thursday, June 8, 2017

All the Random Thoughts

I have many thoughts today -- but none of them are working in conjunction with the others. Disjointed. Entirely disjointed. I think I'm confused because the sun was out when I woke up this morning, and I mostly feel like I've been living in a world of gray mist and dread (thanks a bunch, New England weather), so with this turn of events, I'm not sure what to do with myself. Anyway.

Something new:
My sister is in labor right now. She has been in labor, for approximately one-half of a year. Well, she's been in labor for two days. But I'll bet that when this is over, if I ask her how long she labored for, she'll respond, "like, forever," and frankly, I think that's a fair. I'm not going to get into the specifics of her labor on this blog, but suffice it to say, that just when I was thinking "Huh. Maybe I do want to have kids," my sister went into labor, and now I'm back to "LOL nah guys I'm good." I'm excited to have a niece though.

Something funny:
My niece, should she ever choose to arrive -- as right now she's entirely reluctant -- (I hear you, Ella. I got you, girl), will be named Ella. Apparently, that's what George and Amal Clooney also named their daughter. When this was pointed out to my brother-in-law via family text chain, his response made me laugh out loud.

Something confusing:
Republicans calling Democrats "snowflakes." Democrats call Republicans lots of names that make no sense also, I understand this. But, in front of the James Comey testimony today, there are a lot of comments online such as "Trump will be vindicated! Find a new witch hunt, you dumb snowflakes." 

Snowflakes, are cold, and they are white -- both characteristics seeming vastly more conservative to me than liberal. 

I think the insult is meant to highlight a level of delicacy that some feel liberals embody -- but still, do better.

All I'm saying -- to both sides, honestly -- is that if you're going to call one another names, be smart about it. I'm guilty of name-calling too; I admit this. But going forward, let's band together and use words that make logical sense. Let's use our wit. Let's stun one another with our name-calling intelligence. Call me a name that makes me say "Whoa, good one!" and mean it. 

Something exciting (for me):
In July, I'm going to Aruba, which many of you already know. I'm running a half-marathon in Portland, Maine, so I'll be heading up there for a couple of days as well. And now, as of Tuesday night, I'm also going to California. Unfortunately, the plan to road trip up the coast has been wiped out -- literally -- by a mudslide, but I'm still pretty thrilled about it. One of the things I wanted to do this year (and for the rest of my life) is travel more, and hopefully this will be the start of that.

Anywhooooo. Have a lovely Thursday.


  1. Meg! You're really random lol! But you're my random blogging buddy (that's how I think of you), so I'll let it slide. 😉 Snowflake is, I believe, a derogatory slur about gay people. Like in the 90s when I was in college. I think. I'm too lazy to UrbanDictionary it right now, but maybe you're not! Anyway...enjoy your travels. My Seattle plans fell through, so I'll live vicariously through your blog. 👍🏻

    Also, I hope your sis delivers soon. Damn. That's a long time!

    1. Thank you! It took her forever but the baby is here! Also -- I had no idea it was a derogatory slur against gay people! I'll UrbanDictionary it in a bit but that makes it all the more confusing to me. UGH.

  2. Compadre on the name calling thing! Thursday was quite the day for scattered thoughts!

  3. Ugh - *completely agree.... seriously, what is with auto correct?

    1. Auto correct is the worst. The absolute WORST.