Sunday, May 28, 2017

Photo Challenge - "Smile or Face"

Happy Memorial Day weekend! This weekend kicks of the first week of my "photo challenge" -- which I plan to post each Sunday. As I mentioned previously, I'm starting the challenge on Week 21, so my prompt for this week is "Smile or Face." So, away we go!

Kicking this week off with a picture of my favorite face -- my cat, Bananas. Will this challenge just be an excuse for me to take more pictures of him? How will I justify posting his face for the prompts "fall" or "numbers"? I'm sure I'll figure it out, so stay tuned!

Next up, we have the faces of your typical morning commuters. Buried in their phones, pretending to be anywhere else. Please, just let us be anywhere, anywhere, else. PLEASE.

Shameless selfie - on my way to a Red Sox game, extremely happy with the day, happy with my plans, and happy with the brightness of my sunglasses.

At the Red Sox game with my friends. I love this picture -- DP looks normal. I'm drunk, but trying to smile like I'm not. I've got JC eating - again, and C maybe thinking, "How many of these are we going to have to TAKE?"

And finally, one of the best shots of the night - embodying both smiles, and faces.
Me: "DP, get in the picture!"

And, there we have it! First photo challenge complete! 

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!