Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Covfefe and Freelance

I need a new car. I'd like to buy a condo. My savings account could benefit from some padding. These are a few of the reasons I've started freelancing. It doesn't pay all that much, but that's okay, because I already have a full-time job. So, anything I make freelancing is just extra. Of course, I can't freelance at my 9-5, so it's an infringement upon my personal time, which is generally more valuable to me than money. Oh well -- gotta hustle.

I'm doing some ghostwriting -- e-books and blog articles -- among various other types of writing -- blurbs, summaries, etc. None of it is exciting, and none of it is worth further explaining. Well, none of it was worth further explaining, until today.

Today, I clicked on the link for a ghostwriting position. It looked within my wheelhouse, and had only been posted a few minutes prior to my viewing, so I decided to apply. When I clicked on "apply", the application was only one question: 

"Tell us what 'covfefe' means to you."

"Covfefe," if you haven't yet heard, is the newest English "word", invented by our ever-so-illustrious commander-in-chief.

The brilliant tweet read: "Despite the negative press covfefe."


The world waited with bated breath for the president to explain himself. When he didn't, the internet exploded.

Some began to worry the end was near.

Others begged the dictionary to help.

But even the Authority on Words could not help.

My favorite headline came from the New York Times: 

"Trump Tweet Unites a Bewildered Nation"

Is that all it takes to unite us? Made-up words? Who even knew the solution could be so simple?!

But, as for my freelancing... what does "covfefe" mean to me?

Where do I begin? Do I try to write a witty definition for the word? "COVFEFE. Derived from the Latin word... wait. What the hell?"

Do I try to write a story? "Once upon a time, there was a girl trapped in a covfefe..."

Do I get honest, and say that "covfefe" makes me sad because it reminds me that a person I don't care for, or like, at all is running a country that I care for, and like, very much?

I'm still thinking on it. Growing up, I had a few teachers invent words and assign writing projects around them. "Tell me a story about the word 'minklemanon'," they would say. "What is it? What does it look like? Is it a person? A place?  A toy? Be creative."  I always loved those assignments - and I think I'll treat this like that.

Anyway, that's all from me! Have a covfefe of a day - whatever that means to you. 😉


  1. It's Meg. And just like that, Trump broke the internet. Toodles Kim Kardashian! We can only have one nut ruling Twitter. 🤣🤣

  2. I'm baffled - I keep looking at my keyboard, trying to figure it out. I have a guess, but it takes the fun out of it - so I'll leave it at that. I can only imagine what you'll come up with.

    1. I had a couple of guesses too -- but I agree, they're not nearly as much fun!