Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All the Light

If you're anything like me, when you heard about the Manchester terrorist attack, you immediately felt sad, and as time went on, your sadness transferred to utter frustration. These attacks are happening at a seemingly increased rate -- and I don't know -- to me, the idea of like, not murdering people, just doesn't feel that complicated. 

I talk a really big game, and people sometimes make me really angry, and sometimes I stay really angry at them, and sometimes I want to punch them in the face and sometimes I vocalize that desire to anyone within earshot. Sometimes I don't, and won't forgive people -- I cut them out of my life, say "good-riddance," brush off my jeans, and don't look back. But actually murdering someone? Nah. 

So, when I saw this post on Instagram, from one of my favorite accounts -- The Hilarious Humanitarian -- I thought I'd share it. I often feel like this world is an incredibly ugly place, filled with a majority of inwardly ugly people, and so posts like this remind me that there are people in the world who still have the capacity for kindness, and the desire to use it.

Hotels took in lost children.

Multiple people posted these messages on social media.

Taxi drivers also rushed out to help.

So, humanity still wins out. 

But, for those of you using this tragedy as an open forum to get all self-righteous about comparing tragedies ("we don't care when this happens in Syria!") or to criticize another's parenting techniques ("Ariana Grande's music is just, NOT for children, and shame on parents for bringing their kids to this concert!"), I have many, many responses -- but all I will say is, kindly, knock it off. First of all, speak for yourself; I do care -- very much -- when this happens in other places. And, second of all, there were children there, and some of them died. Hard stop. Don't be one of the ugly ones.

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